Pathway + Pitch Day
Do I need to apply to DIH Pathway to participate in DIH Pitch Day?
No, if you’d be interested in applying directly to DIH Pitch Day with an idea of your own and a prepared pitch you do not need to go through DIH Pathway in order to participate. DIH Pathway is meant for aspiring founders that do not have a formalized pitch yet and want to learn more tactical skills on how to brainstorm a compelling idea from their own set of experiences.
Will DIH Pathway participants be given preferential treatment for DIH Pitch Day?

The judges awarding prizes at DIH Pitch Day are a group of thought experts in SDoH that bring perspectives outside of DIH and will not be actively engaged with the Pathway initiative. That being said, the organizing team behind DIH Pitch Day are the same members behind DIH Pathway and part of the selection committee for applicants hoping to present at Pitch Day. Though we will give every applicant to Pitch Day the same amount of time and consideration regardless if they come through DIH Pathway or not, we are all heavily invested in giving every participant in DIH Pathway the best shot in applying and hopefully pitching at DIH Pitch Day.

How will mentors be assigned?

We have industry mentors that are topic specific that will be available during each session and also for optional office hours to connect in a more tactical 1:1 setting. Members of the DIH team will be your designated liaisons throughout the entire pathway experience and be your acting mentors leading up to pitch day.

Do I need to be part of a team to participate in pathway?
Though we believe diverse and cross-functional teams will make more progress on potential ideas during the DIH pathway, we strongly encourage any solo/aspiring founders to join us as well. As we also articulate below, this program is meant to foster skills and frameworks you can use to hone ideas that you may develop individually or collaboratively with others in the future. There is a space on the application form to note if you’re open to joining up with other individuals that might share similar interests and we’d be happy to help match you with like-minded individuals as a part of this program.
What do I need to have ready to apply for pathway?

Just an idea of what you want to address! The whole point of DIH Pathway is to give everyone in this program the tools to turn their interests and experiences with Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) into tangible solutions. The goal of this is more to foster skills and frameworks that every participant can use to develop ideas of their own, regardless if it is part of this program or later on in their careers. We would like for individuals to come out of the pathway with a pitch ready.

That being said, this program is meant to build upon your existing experiences and interests in SDoH which is why our application asks you to articulate any relevant experiences that give you unique insight into specific areas of SDoH. We will not be spending much time teaching you about SDoH topics or problem areas, this initiative is best suited for folks that can bring that expertise into the program.