Signature Programming

DIH has created a portfolio of inclusive and comprehensive support for growing early-stage entrepreneurs, our multiple programs amplify each other and provide support to entrepreneurs at every stage of growth. These programs include the Pathway, Pitch Day, and the Incubator. The first is a program designed to build capacity in emerging founders, helping them turn their ideas in health equity into a formal pitch. The pathway propels people towards Pitch Day, which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their ideas and compete for award money to put towards building their product and spots in the incubator. The Incubator then provides a platform offering focused efforts on community centered building and feedback, mentorships, and other resources to help them launch a first version of their product. In addition to the training provided in pathway, DIH also offers training in the basics and understanding of building with the Digital Health equity. Last, we are embedded within the Sinai Innovations landscape, providing partnerships and seamless transitions to entrepreneurs interested in working across the full landscape.

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